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A Life of Sport

In 2018 Porsha Murdock won the U.S. enduro national championship, so it would likely surprise you to learn that she did not immediately fall in love with mountain biking when she first tried it. “I cried every single ride,” she says. “It was horrible.” The sport’s technical challenges frustrated her and thanks to her competitive personality, she hated that she couldn’t keep up with her boyfriend.

Then she went to a race and met a community of people who loved riding. Thanks to the inviting atmosphere she found in the Texas mountain bike scene, Porsha was hooked. “It’s so tight-knit and it was a good spot for me to learn,” she says.

A road trip to California led her to enter an enduro race in Big Bear on a whim. Porsha not only won her category, but also posted the fastest overall women’s time. “I decided my cross-country days were over,” she says. She moved to Bend, Oregon, drawn by the outdoor vibe and dreamscape singletrack. In addition to riding, she hunts, skis, and rides motorcross bikes.

Porsha began devoting her full energy to enduro and she plainly has a talent for it. During her first season of racing in 2016, Porsha won the North American Enduro Tour series. And this past year was her best yet. Porsha won the national title and the North American Enduro Cup in Kellogg.

Unfortunately, a knee injury this past fall has forced her off the bike for the time being. “I’m on the recovery end and it takes a while, as I’m finding out,” she says. “It’s been challenging, especially with social media and watching everyone train, while I’m on the couch.” Porsha expects a slow start to the 2019 season, but her enthusiasm remains undiminished.

For now, she’s just trying her best to keep it all in perspective. “I just really have to take a step back and look at the big picture,” Porsha says. “This year, I’m just looking to have some fun with my friends.”

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